What does that mean? Well it simply means that the clients we work with aren’t just happy with our work but they took the time and effort to assess us, rate us and then go to the effort of actually sending that information to the RAR+ team.

Why shout about it? Because our clients rated us to an award standard! There isn’t a better award you can get is there? We don’t think so. After all it is all about pleasing the client and delivering creatives they are happy with, want to shout about and delivers results.

So if you were to ask us; Are you happy about this? We would say a big FAT MASSIVE YES! Win Win really. Our clients are happy, we are happy, even so happy we are randomly Rrrraaaarrrring in the office! Gone are the days when you quietly celebrate, if you got it flaunt it right? Ok not always but on this occasion we think it is appropriate.

Hope you have a RARing day!

The CuCo team

ps for a more serious explanation on the RAR+ here is an out-take from their website:

The RAR Awards are unique because they are assessed by the people who really know how good an agency is – their clients! And that makes them one of the best awards to have to your name.

RAR collects 5000 client ratings each year, with clients assessing agencies on their skill at specific marketing disciplines – design, digital, advertising and so on – and also their service levels – creativity, value for money, ability to deliver on time etc. Each rating is given out of 100. Average weightings are applied so that agencies with more good ratings are scored higher than those with fewer ratings”

CuCo are award winning. CuCo are RAR+