In today’s world, we are now able to work anywhere and at anytime, all thanks to advances in technology and more recently the ‘cloud’, as we all refer to it.

In fact, let’s be honest – most of us hardly remember what life was like before Dropbox, googledocs, you send it, etc.

However, it continually surprises me how many of us simply don’t think of the safety considerations behind such cloud solutions.

If truth be told, until V-Oasis became our new client and we produced a re-branding project for them as well as a responsive website design, I didn’t either. I would share files, send files, open files and all from several devices and in several cities. Yes, my laptop has caught a virus, documents have gone missing and downloads have been so slow I had to improvise, but I still didn’t hesitate to use all these different cloud products. So why is it that I never thought to consolidate it all into one trustworthy company and look into the back end security?


Who knows – but things have changed thanks to companies like V-Oasis, a complete IT solution for your business. And the best bit? It can be purchased ‘a la carte’, based on individual needs.

All of their solutions include support via the V-Oasis Network Operations and Security Centre (VNOSC), and most solutions are simple pay-as-you-go and month-to-month agreements.

The V-Oasis range of IT solutions include:


In a nutshell, V-Oasis provides a broad range of security-focused managed services and private cloud hosting solutions. They focus primarily on customers in the small and medium business market who either have regulatory compliance requirements or a strong desire to secure their company data. Saruum (the mothership) focuses on larger organisations so they really, as an umbrella, have considered how best to safeguard you, no matter what size your organisation is. They work with large corporations from around the world and Saruum offers solutions to the US government, so definitely a company you can trust with your data sharing!

voasis-responsive-websiteI must admit, before we did design work for them and copywriting, I hadn’t thought about the security or how easy it is to ‘hack’ into large social sharing platforms. Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to go OTT and sign up with my personal, fun sharing, but when it comes to work and sensitive information I would definitely rather put my mind at ease and go with a trusted cloud-sharing company like V-oasis.

Need to protect your network, access your desktop, share your files, anywhere?

Now you can.