When WeAreFamily came to our branding design agency in sunny Bournemouth, they had a cat food product made with the best possible grain-free ingredients.

They were inspired by french eating, not by the cigarettes and croissants, but instead by the importance of good food and family in french culture – and treating our pets as part of the family. 

After all, We Are Family.

This brought us on a journey as we created the: branding, packaging design, and marketing for this pet food company that promises your feline friend a nutritious (and delicious) meal. 

Logo & Brand Mechanism 

Defining a brand is much more than just a logo, however, it is an important tool that can attract attention during the branding journey. The client wanted the logo to be understandable for an international market whilst also retaining the french inspiration. 

The brand identity our design team created would incorporate a black cat called BonBon, named after sweets in french. BonBon uses its tail to create the letter “r” as a mechanism in the brand name. Design to leave scope for future expansion in WeAreFamily’s Pet Food range (BonBon could easily be replaced by a dog – name TBC).

BonBon the cat was the main focal point of our brand mechanism, a relatable feline fiend that lurks hungrily – like a typical cat. We used speech bubbles and whiskers as further mechanisms to humanise the cat and let the consumer know more about the cat food (and how much BonBon loves it). 

Tone of Voice

Cat Food doesn’t need to be that serious, especially for WeAreFamily. 

The brand wanted a light and fun tone of voice that resonated with younger customers and young families. 

This meant we needed to ensure the tone of voice was light and fun and placed the emphasis on this being a pet food brand that puts just as much care into the food as a human brand does. 

We also wanted to portray that WeAreFamily is a relatable brand, that cares about your cat as much as you care about yours. 

Brand Colours & Typography 

It was important for us to acknowledge WeAreFamily’s personality when deciding on the colour theme of WeAreFamily’s cat food range. 

They wanted European-influenced minimalism, so the packaging design had the ability to stand out on the pet food aisle of any supermarket or pet store. The colours decided were a combination of neutral and bold colours, that variated depending on whether it was the: adult, kitten, senior, baby cat or the 4 in 1 range. 

Elaborating on the colour schemes, we had to use text during our branding design that was bold enough to be understood by a variety of international customers, whilst still representing the light-hearted tone of voice WeAreFamily wanted to show to their younger customers.

The final idea for brand colours and typography was to use a fun capital letter font in conjunction with neutral and bold colours. This design during the branding process effectively showed WeAreFamily’s fun tone of voice, but also a sophisticatedly delicious and nutritious cat food. 


Branding was only the start of WeAreFamily’s journey with us.

As they explored with our branding agency, we created the packaging design, the website, and the video.

Later on, we will be analysing the effectiveness of the process (spoiler: it was effective!). 

If you want to know more, come back soon!