Dorset-based garden services provider Bud Burst are the the garden heroes of Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch. With a strong reputation for customer service and the fortitude to brave the outdoor elements all-year round, Bud Burst bring energy, enthusiasm and a life-long passion for horticulture to every garden they take in hand.

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The MD of Bud Burst approached CuCo to re-develop the brand and develop a solid platform for the procurement of larger-scale commercial contracts.

We set out to differentiate Bud Burst by creating a playful, modern brand that would capture the youthful energy and refreshing personalities of the Bud Burst team.

Needless to say, with such a pictorial brand name, our creative team were already bursting (haha!) with suggestions and a compelling brand concept quickly started to grow (sorry!).


The logo we delivered is fresh, contemporary and instantly communicates the beauty and value of what Bud Burst offer as a business. The ‘D’ and ‘B’ within the brand name were used as mechanisms to represent abstract bulbs with shoots bursting out of the top, giving a sense of both growth and movement to signify the unique and abundant energy of the team. A lower case font was used to give the logo a friendly and approachable feel and two complimentary shades of green were utilized to symbolise Bud Burst’s expertise across various plants and horticultural disciplines.

The results have been outstanding. The client fell in love with the new brand and have already started to roll it across their team uniform, website, stationery and vehicle fleet.

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