Oskubox is a bright new start-up based in Lymington, Hampshire on the South Coast of England.

The unique Nordic Deli experience invites guests to step into the mystical world of the Vikings and enjoy a special feast of Nordic delights.

Born and raised in Iceland, owner Oddny Edward’s life-long dream of bringing Nordic food to British shores has become a reality with the launch of Oskubox.

Made with a combination of the finest Scandinavian ingredients and freshest Dorset produce available, the Deli’s tasty Nordic delights are as authentic and traditional as it comes. Speciality dishes include Smjörbrauð, Magni Meatballs and our personal favourite, the Nordic savoury sandwich cake!

Oskubox engaged our agency to develop the company’s brand identity, creative look, website and environmental brand design.


The beauty of the Scandinavian design movement is in its simplicity and functionality. Our branding team developed a minimal yet stylish brand identity for Oskubox to replicate traditional Scandinavian art styling. Typographically, we wanted to make the logo contemporary and unique. We used a curvaceous font and a breve above the O to indicate that the O is pronounced as a short vowel, to help those who are not yet familiar with  pronunciation of the brand name.

We then went on to complete the branding by developing the creative concept, taking inspiration from modern Scandinavian designers like Sanna Annukka, who is responsible for Keane’s Under The Iron Sea album artwork.
Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.20.39
Our agency’s branding team developed an illustrative creative that told the story of the brand, with a viking ship on a voyage across the sea to represent Nordic food being brought to the South of England. The client wanted the feel to be fun, relaxed and creative, reflecting the atmosphere inside the Deli – which includes a special Kids’ Corner, with a chalk board wall.

The Scandinavians enjoy an outdoor lifestyle at every opportunity and the sky, land, sea and earth’s core are all included within the illustrated brand look, with a rich collection of mammals, fish, birds and plant life to represent the diverse and wholesome food on offer at Oskubox.

Scandinavian modern design focuses on clean lines and use of organic materials, as well as vibrant colours. In true Scandinavian style we wanted to bring the outside textures inside in a practical way. The Icelandic culture tend to be extremely resourceful, hence why they often used natural wood in their interior decorating due to its versatility and availability. This is reflected in the decor of the Deli including a pallet wall and other re-purposed wood features. Again, this is also reflected in the creative look of the branding.

The finalised creative was then rolled across a brand new website built on the CMS WordPress, with a layered look and feel to the UI to give the brand a feeling of depth and intrigue.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 11.27.28

CuCo also managed the design, print and installation of all external signage. This included branded window vinyls which were printed at a 50% tint to ensure light could still pass through into the space, but that the outside of the Deli was bright and intriguing enough to stop passing trade in its tracks.


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