The design of Bournemouth Tourism Guide / Brochure 2013

Sipping warm coffee, looking at waves hitting the golden sands on wintery days whilst the sun plays hide and seek with the clouds. Licking ice cream like a child in the green lush forests doing your best to hide it from the wild yet friendly ponies are just a few of the magical reasons Bournemouth was the first UK resort to win the three flag awards for the highest quality.  The flags being a blue flag for the beaches, a green flag for the parks and open spaces and a purple flag for its safe, clean and enjoyable night experience!

Late last year CuCo, the award winning creative agency, won an extremely competitive national pitch to design the Bournemouth Tourism Holidays and Short breaks guide for 2013. We were so excited to win this account, especially as we were local and recognise its importance; the guide is the main marketing literature for the town and is full of information to help tourists enjoy their stay throughout the year.

Oddny Edwards, CuCo’s Marketing Manager says: “The guide is the face of Bournemouth and to be up against national agencies, yet come on top and be trusted to represent Bournemouth in the right light has been an honour. Working with the sunny, beach photos did make us all crave summer sun and flip flops however it also reminded us how much there is still available in Bournemouth regardless of budget or time of year.”

CuCo’s chosen overall design concept was created to capture nostalgic beach holidays of the past to try and replicate how Bournemouth’s history has blended with modern ways. Bunting, postcards, pastel colours, photobooth strip photos, help give a feeling harking back to heyday of UK beach holidays in the 50’s and 60’s.

The nostalgic feel echos throughout the issue to give a uniformed feel to what is equally as much of an informational guide as it is a leisure read about the people and activities around the town such as an in depth interview with Harry Rednapp and him explaining his love of the town.

The beach huts are still in use to this day and even on winter days do you see families and their dogs warming up over a cuppa as they return from the costal walk, building that sandcastle or for the real hard nuts out there who have just landed their kite perfectly after surfing the waves; admittedly back in the day, the kite would have sufficed and I am willing to bet people didn’t go into the sea to fly a kite!

Another one we absolutely loved working on!