Since we designed the branding for the eco-friendly toiletries brand Wild England, their story has evolved further. 

Initially, health & beauty brand Wild England came to CuCo Creative to design a creative vision for a new range of refillable and sustainable shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, and cleansing gels, all with natural scents and organic ingredients. Part of the project was to design the packaging range with sustainability in mind, which was an essential requirement for the branding project. Since then, we’re delighted to say that Wild England has continued to grow with our Bournemouth packaging design agency. 

The packaging design requirements increased as it was apparent to the client that a sample pack would be required to drive sales. The sample packs are designed to introduce future customers to the amazing scents and try out the products before purchasing the full-sized refillable bottles. 

Wild England loved the branding and designs we created for them for their range of full-sized bottles and contacted us again to make the packaging design for their new sample bottles.

As with any brand packaging design, it was essential to maintain the original branding and design elements for Wild England, where we used muted tones and slightly rustic typography. This was done to show Wild England’s connection with the environment and its association with like-minded organisations that respect the wilderness.

The samples had to be eco-friendly but still feel very luxurious, therefore made use of glass containers that can be reused or recycled, with a cork top, making use of yet another natural product within the packaging form. The finished product looked instantly appealing but kept its core value, “Wild at Heart”.

Wild England’s samples and other products can be purchased from the E-commerce website, which was also designed and built by CuCo Creative. We’ll write about it soon, so stay in the loop by looking at our “latest page”! 

In the words of Wild England, don’t we all want to be Wild at Heart? 

Are you inspired by our sustainable journey for the health & beauty brand Wild England? Are you looking for a packaging design agency for your product? Don’t hesitate to get in touch