In some ways the experience of stepping into Bridport Arts Centre is a lot like entering the CuCo design studio – there is the potential to be exposed to new ideas, learn a great deal about yourself and what you like, and above all be inspired!

So when long-standing CuCo client Bridport Arts Centre approached us in the lead up to their 40th birthday, we knew they it was time to shout about Bridport Arts, and they deserved something big.

Two big things in fact! Cue these two, 3m long external banners.


With this new advertising platform in place, the front of Bridport Arts Centre now offers passers by a feel for the charisma of the Arts Centre. It showcases this vibrant and diverse venue, which throughout the year plays host to spectacles in theatre, comedy, music, dance, film and much more.

With both regular and new visitors to Bridport Arts Centre commenting on how strong and striking the banners look, we are confident that it will inspire more and more people, both locals and tourists to discover all that Bridport Arts have to offer in 2014.


And that’s a wrap!

Why not pop down and see them for yourself?

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