Our Charter 2010 project has now come to an end after a busy six months on the political scene. It has been a pleasure working with all involved at Charter 2010.

It has been a remarkable nine months since the idea of Charter 2010 (that a “hung parliament” was likely and needed to be planned for) was conceived in autumn 2009. From the day we launched in January, to the formation of the coalition government, was the most tremendous rollercoaster of a ride.

Our profound thanks go to everyone for their interest, and especially the team at CuCo, who have provided exemplary technical and journalistic support: getting the site up and running within a month of being given the OK, and then providing continued help and speedy response to site development over the six months the site existed – giving us the complete design and marketing solution we needed.

I think we can be very pleased that, with the collective wisdom of everyone who contributed, we “called it right” and had a significant influence on the thinking and, ultimately, the actions of those at the centre of events: from the Cabinet Office and leading figures in Parliament and the political parties to the national and international media – who often picked up on our ideas – even to using the unique and innovative Hung Parliament Index graphics developed for us by CuCo.

Mike Thomas
Site Moderator for Charter2010.co.uk

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