One of our newest clients wins is House of Assets. Bringing them on board with us this past year has seen our designers working tirelessly to bring the brand to life, support the new business model, and help them build a digital presence. But as of right now, we are only at the start of an exciting journey, and we can’t wait to see our creative designs help to make the brand flourish into an international renowned service!

Who are House of Assets?

House of Assets is an online auction/marketplace platform hosting high end collectible assets with a purpose of investment, specifically art, fine wine, whiskey, and collectible cars. What makes them different from their main competitors of Sotheby’s and Christie’s is that they’re on a mission to make investing available to everyone. So alongside the traditional auction and buy it now services, House of Assets wants to introduce a group purchasing option, meaning that anyone could take a stake in a Picasso and benefit from it’s potential riches. 

Why was our creative agency the obvious choice?

As a new start up company, the founder was looking for a branding agency that would be bold, brave and brilliant in its creative approach – making CuCo the obvious choice! Positioning themselves in a very competitive industry, they needed to be confident that their branding agency would create an inspiring brand story and make them stand out from the competition. So of course, we’re doing just that!

What early groundwork has CuCo Creative developed?

Ahead of developing the brand creative lots of planning has already begun through brand strategy. To start, defining the business model, understanding the audience and the membership model has been an essential task. This has enabled us to begin the early stages of mapping out a digital strategy for the auction website and ensure all online functionalities will completely soundproof and work coherently.

Alongside this, CuCo has begun strategising a digital marketing campaign that focuses on a push for content creation that works with a key word audit. From setting up the social media handles to creating tactical monthly blog schedules, our talented marketing team will be rolling out constant blogs and social media posts to help build exposure. 

Even though our creative journey has only just started with House of Assets, our creative marketing agency makes sure we are always one step ahead, strategising future marketing tools to assist in the launch of House of Assets and help clients get on board. But for now, whilst the brand creative is still in process, we’ll release our secrets nearer the time! 

Once the brand creative is completed, and the business model is finalised, our web designers will start chipping away at this intricate auction website and the marketing strategy will start rolling out. So expect to see some exciting premium marketing material coming your way soon!

At CuCo Creative we love building client relationships and are supportive of all our clients new business ventures, but this new business model is really proving to show big potential! If you’re a start up company and you want help creating a soundproof branding strategy and identity, then we’re ready and waiting to help you. Our creative design agency has over 15 years experience working with new start up company’s and we love it, so don’t hesitate to get in contact!