CuCo Creative are delighted to have joined forces with ‘Heart & Soul Studio’ in 2020. Best known for their sub-brand Celebration Crackers, which produce Christmas crackers, Heart & Soul Studio are now looking to diversify their offering by approaching new audiences with a refined company structure in place. CuCo was invited on board to develop the brand architecture and manage a full re-branding project for this exciting brand and its sub-brands. We continue our relationship by providing ongoing support with several new projects to aid their launch and ongoing growth.

Historically, Celebration Crackers have been known for their exceptionally high-quality offerings, having won clients such as Fortnum & Mason, John Lewis, and Harrods. As a family business, established in 1979 and with a UK team of 38 people, Celebration Crackers is proud of its legacy and existing high-end clients. They recognise their overall brand identity needs to tell their story whilst speaking to the large corporations with confidence. 

CuCo is currently implementing the newly developed branding across both the parent and sub-brands that make up Heart & Soul Studio. A carefully planned approach will eventually lead the brand away from its previous name and into a new market position.

A key objective of the project is to retain the essence of ‘Celebration Crackers’ and convey their core values whilst clearly communicating (through their brand identity and digital presence) that they are ready and able to take on large orders for any supermarket. Looking to overhaul their tone of voice to define the style of imagery, typography, copy, Celebration Crackers require an evolved brand identity and architecture that can then be used across all media, marketing, and communication channels.

Included will also be a new website design that will offer a significantly more creative and visually engaging platform for its visitors, with all the fun of the brand echoed through a consistent tone of voice. Once the foundations are laid for this, CuCo will tackle a well-orchestrated SEO plan that will eventually sit alongside a full marketing plan for the brand. 

The detailed marketing plan will provide direction and focus to their advertising efforts, covering a wide variety of communication channels designed to maximise exposure towards target audiences. The ongoing relationship will work collaboratively to produce quality content and opportunities for all parties.

The team certainly has some exciting plans in the pipeline for this project, so keep your eyes out for the brand unveiling and website launch soon.

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