Internal Communications Branding and Strategy

The Brief

P&G have been rated #40 in Forbes’ Global 2000 biggest public companies worldwide and with a consumer reach in over 180 countries, CuCo were delighted to be the selected agency to develop the creative internal communications strategy for Bournemouth’s P&G site. The site needed a new vision for the internal brand between its four sectors and the mission was to unite the individual teams to create a sense of unity between them. Whilst the team was small enough (approximately 200 people) to have a family-feel, it was a complex site where the four divisions were disparate. P&G asked us to pull the divisions together and create a fresh, community-led working environment, where staff were proud to be a part of a special site such as Bournemouth.

The Solution

Following a series of workshops, CuCo started by polishing the brand’s ‘ingredient words’, including: Atmosphere, Community, Ownership and Mastery, with each having an accompanying strap-line. A Battle Cry was then developed, which would embrace the Bournemouth site’s unique attributes as well as recognise the core values of P&G. ‘Bournemouth Delivers’ was chosen as the selected slogan. To reflect each ingredient word CuCo held a day’s photoshoot art directed by our Creative Director, with P&G staff modelling. Having created a storyboard, we ensured the staff were as relaxed as possible. Along with an excellent photographer, great art direction and the staff’s undeniable enthusiasm, the final photos display the team unity we were striving for. CuCo then constructed the brand identity by combining all three elements. We focused on each of the four divisions and introduced a colour to represent them individually. We intertwined the four colours to represent how each sector would work together, therefore reinforcing a sense of unity amongst the teams.


Once the design of each division was in place, we worked them into individual departments with window and wall displays, banners, coloured posters, signs and more across the site. The graphic of the four intertwined colours was to be replicated on site and run across the walls throughout the building. Our work for P&G ultimately improved staff morale and united each sector of the Bournemouth business underneath one common brand identity. This created an overall close knit team who understand and share the same brand values. With our internal communications branding and strategy, we have optimised productivity as well as positivity in the companies day-to-day operations.

Services Provided:

  • Branding
  • Brand Systems
  • Brand Tone of Voice
  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Environmental Design
  • Photography
  • Print Management
  • Signage