The Brief

To apply the new visual identity CuCo created for ON! Juniper, the organic children’s lifestyle brand was in need of new packaging. The old packaging was lacking colour and energy which resulted in a clinical look, making it less appealing to young girls. Therefore, ON! Juniper were looking for new packaging for their lip balm and bath bomb ranges that would match the brand values and the new brand identity and better appeal to its target audience. As ON! Juniper’s go-to creative agency, CuCo were delighted to take on the challenge and give the packaging a fresh, new look.

The Solution

Having already conducted extensive primary research into the brand’s target audience and their preferences for ON! Juniper’s identity re-design, CuCo knew immediately what would appeal to young girls. Our talented design team gave the packaging a fresh, dynamic look by using bright bold colours such as pink, yellow and blue to make the products stand out on the shelves. For the brand’s lip balm range, the six mystical characters CuCo developed for ON! Juniper were used on the packaging, making each lip balm unique and collectable and also allowing kids to express themselves. The brand new lip balm range is engaging, full of energy and clearly aligns with the new identity as well as the brand values such as female empowerment and happiness.

For the new bath bomb packaging, CuCo recommended a move away from the existing plastic packaging to better reflect the quality and organic values of the brand. The innovative, brand-new bath bomb packaging required our talented designers to perform complex cardboard engineering in order to create the bespoke pyramid-style shapes. The new bath bomb packaging is recyclable and therefore better aligns with the brand values. Its distinctive, colourful design and shape creates great shelf-appeal and makes the ON! Juniper bath bomb a great gift option.


The brand new packaging is colourful, engaging and better reflects the values and personality of ON! Juniper. The distinctive, unique design clearly makes the products stand out on the shelves and has already resulted in an increase in both interest and sales for ON! Juniper. The new look exceeded the client’s expectations and has received extremely positive feedback from both customer and industry experts and the brand’s bath bombs have recently been awarded with the ‘Bronze Achievement Award’ in the Free From Skincare Awards.

Services Provided:

  • Packaging Design
  • Packaging Print
  • Product Packaging
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design