Dorset Sea Salt Co.

Tasty packaging & brand design

The Brief

The Dorset Sea Salt Company appointed CuCo to rebrand their business. They needed a branding agency to create a fresh new packaging design for their fantastic product and to communicate their identity as a superior alternative to table salt. Offering the purest, most mineral-rich waters in Britain, Dorset has a long-forgotten history of salt production, which Dorset Sea Salt Co. aims to revive through the production of an innovative range of prestige, locally and sustainably sourced salt products. In a highly competitive market, it was important for Dorset Sea Salt Co. that the new branding would tell the unique story behind the brand, emphasise its values and reflect the premium quality of the products. As a Dorset-based business ourselves, we were were delighted to take on the challenge and work with a Dorset business so focused on craftsmanship, locality and quality.

The Solution

CuCo began the branding process by redesigning the Dorset Sea Salt Co. brand identity.

Taking a typography-led approach to the packaging design, we identified a handwritten brush to be used as the font for the brand, used for infusions and key messaging. Our creative team also developed a new intriguing strapline for the brand – ‘Cooking just got a whole lot tastier!’.

With a contemporary and distinctive identity in place our agency creatives developed a beautiful soft pastel colour palette. Key was to avoid the standard stereotypical deep blues so many other brands use and offer something that had maximum shelf appeal. Dorset Sea Salt Co. offer a vast range of sea salts with numerous infused flavours, so CuCo ensured a relevant colour would be associated to each infusion.

The inclusion of a gold finish was essential in our brand creative thinking, we wanted to embrace the history of salt and reflect upon when sea salt was worth more than gold. Gold foil would be used across all packaging design to ensure a connection to its rich past.

The brand is fresh, premium and most importantly, completely unique, reflecting the Dorset lifestyle that consumers associate with the the Jurassic Coastline. When considering materials, both the client and CuCo were adamant to move away from the existing plastic packaging. Instead, recyclable glass jars would become the obvious choice for Dorset Sea Salt Co., helping reflect the eco-friendly values of the brand and the exceptional quality of the products.


The company have already seen a significant increase in both interest and sales from prestigious restaurants and hotels, as well as independent ‘foodie’ stockists. The new packaging design has received unbelievably positive feedback which in turn has had a major impact on the brands awareness and sales, and in turn has created a local ‘buzz’ around Dorset.

CuCo were tasked with positioning Dorset Sea Salt Co. as a major player in the sea salt market, to bring a unique look to the brand and ultimately increase sales. Our creative agency has delivered a prestige, premium product and the awareness of the brand from consumers across the UK is rising as we raise significant interest in the benefits of this hand-harvested sea salt from the waters along the Jurassic coastline.

Services Provided:

  • Packaging Design
  • Packaging Print
  • Product Packaging
  • Branding
  • Brand Definition
  • Graphic Design