CuCo began by creating a beautiful brand identity that enhances our client’s strong values, whilst appealing to the high-end luxury hotel and domestic markets. Heavily involved in developing the Wild England refillable ‘package’, the design team at CuCo Creative has ensured it is wholeheartedly pure and underpinned by an uncompromising attitude towards sustainability and ethical responsibility.

Our relationship with Wild England has excelled from day one through our designing, marketing and consulting. Seeking and implementing the best sustainable and innovative solutions for packaging, sourcing and production, we have facilitated our client’s ambition into reality.

We have designed naked packaging that incorporates iconic Everlasting reusable glass bottles, biodegradable refill bottles, and bottle holders for the bathroom made from mycelium grown in specially designed moulds! As part of developing the brand, we also created a beautiful bank of product photography and built an e-commerce website.

CuCo Creative continues to assist eco brand Wild England to maintain a strong presences in the beauty market. Having gone through a piloting stage, and leaving no stone unturned, we have been there every step of the way to guide and develop the brand and offering, ensuring the strong values are upheld in all decisions.