As energy prices continue to increase, Scrummi realised now was the time to act. Salon owners across the UK mostly seem dependent on conventional cotton towels as they aren’t aware of an alternative. Every week, the hairdressing industry is flushing away a shocking 42 million litres of chemically contaminated water from washing towels. And the main culprit behind these shocking statistics… the washing machine! Not only does it contribute to contaminating our waters, but it is also responsible for alarming energy usage numbers. Of course, the electricity used to run a washing machine costs money on a regular basis, and as energy bills increase, now would be the time to act and ‘throw in the towel’ on the old companion for a new cost saving way.

Scrummi wanted our marketing agency to create an advertising campaign with a unique spin, one where the eco-brand step forward and shows salon owners the way forwards.

CuCo Creative would focus on relationships as the advertising campaign narrative. The truth is all relationships begin with a bang, full of excitement. Everything is just perfect. But eventually, things can become problematic, stale, and even inconvenient. This is how the relationship between salon owners and the appliance can evolve. As energy prices increase, the once shiny and new saviour of the salon soon becomes a real drain. From here, where do salon owners go? There is no alternative, and the trapped feeling begins to sink in, fast becoming a trapped relationship with no way out. Enter Scrummi!

Our creative marketing agency used the narrative to create a tongue-in-cheek advertising campaign, drawing on the similarities between washing machines and bad relationships. “The quickies were amazing in the beginning” and “Every day is draining; there’s no way out!” was a vocal copy in two adverts. These comments were deliberately made to draw on the similarities between the overuse of washing machines and bad relationships.

These adverts were all followed by the hashtag #ThrowInTheTowel. Because with Scrummi, there is a way out of this frustrating relationship with the washing machine.

The campaign would conclude with sheer joy as Scrummi support and guide salon owners out of their draining relationships, using positive imagery and engaging copy encouraging ‘Time to throw in the towel’. We even created a helpline so people could call in a number and complain about their washing machines so that Scrummi could offer them an alternative.

This advertising campaign was used as brand awareness for Scrummi, a cheeky company with a better solution for saving money. All campaign visuals were art directed and photographed by CuCo Creative, using a host of models and an array of washing machines, already kicked into touch by salon owners. The creative would be rolled out across advertising posters, direct mail, an email campaign and a dedicated microsite.