CuCo started the process by conducting a full situation analysis for ON! Juniper, which included research into current market trends, the brand’s competitors, as well as primary research into the brand’s target market in order to determine the market potential and best avenues for access to the children’s organic bath and beauty market for ON! Juniper. Both qualitative and quantitative data was collected from girls aged 5-15, who were first asked to complete 14 survey questions, and then to physically illustrate the shapes, symbols ad colours that make them feel empowered and confident. The research showed that the target audience was particularly attracted to mystical creatures, cute animals and artistic designs as well as bright watercolours. Based on this, CuCo’s talented design team created a whole new brand identity for ON!Juniper, which would better appeal to young girls and communicate the main values of the brand. Six colourful creatures ranging from unicorns to flamingos, were designed to give the brand a fun new look and help the brand to better engage with young girls.

For the brand’s new logo, a bubble-type font in a bright turquoise blue was created, which was both easily readable and appealing to the audience.

Visually, ON! Juniper is fun, exciting and full of energy to capture the imagination of the target audience. Therefore, CuCo arranged a photoshoot featuring young models to better reflect the lifestyle and values of the brand.

The market research CuCo conducted has helped ON! Juniper to develop a greater understanding of the market situation and the target audience and has been very beneficial for the client. The new and improved brand identity has been a great success and better communicates the values and personality of ON! Juniper. Bold, bright colours and delicate, charismatic drawings better appeal to the brand’s target audience and encourage female empowerment, happiness and trust. The feedback from the client, as well as the growing list of customers and partners, clearly highlights the success of the new brand design.