Following a website audit and an in-depth traffic analysis, CuCo Creative’s digital team identified it was essential to use the CMS platform Magento to design, develop and produce a bespoke, fully-responsive eCommerce website. Keeping business disruption to a minimum was critical, so ensuring a smooth transition between sites was a major part of our process. Alongside content writing and blog pieces, CuCo Creative were responsible for the entire eCommerce website design and build, which included the production of unique banners, page layouts and intricate coding mechanisms.

The final site was a complex mix of shopping and search facilities, hair advice, heritage and stockist information, customer service, social media links and more. The user experience was drastically improved and more user-friendly whilst incorporating a modern twist to the brand’s traditional values to cater to Kent Brushes’ new-found younger audience that had come as a result of CuCo’s marketing and social media strategy.

The new Kent Brushes website was much more fitting for a large eCommerce retailer, and following its launch, there was an immediate drop in bounce rates and a dramatic increase in sales conversions. The website also saw its average session time increase by one and a half minutes and experienced soaring visitor numbers and sales figures. By the site’s second live week, Kent Brushes experienced its best-ever online sales figure, seeing an increase of an incredible 75%. Kent Brushes new website would also offer a solid foundation for the brand’s social media to grow daily, with ever-increasing audience numbers.