Understanding who GSE Tool Support was was essential in designing the new branding, so our well-curated kick-off session helped position our creative team to begin telling the brand story and build a design foundation.

CuCo Creative found GSE’s core by identifying its Brand Mission Statement, Tone of Voice, and Brand Imagery. Discovering this, we knew they wanted to be the first-choice partner for OEMs, airlines and MROs.

Furthermore, we knew we had to use a knowledgeable and dependable tone of voice in addition to using images of planes on the ground as if they were being worked on, alternatively flying planes, as GSE Tool Support keep planes in the air.

Through this information, our branding agency delivered a photoshoot and videography, design and build of a bespoke website, an exhibition stand, and other branding and marketing material that was incorporated with their branding journey.

A modern brand identity was designed with a bold and simple colour palette. The brand image style had to be full colour at all times, with the contrast in colours being vibrant and rich to make engaging marketing material.

The new brand was launched amongst its competitors by designing and building a bespoke exhibition stand. Here, the brand design received glowing feedback from both the GSE Tool Support team and visitors, all thanks to CuCo Creative’s design team. In fact, from the exhibition stand, video content, brochures, and merchandise, all the brand messaging and creative designs were striking and clear, receiving further positive feedback throughout the project.

Our branding agency enjoyed every step of this creative process to orchestrate the perfect branding project for GSE Tool Support. We are excited to continue the journey of brand rollout in the future.