Our creative team developed a fun yet intelligent brand that would highlight the translation between book and film. It was of great importance to deliver a lasting, memorable yet striking creative theme that would capture the imagination of potential attendees. A variety of marketing materials for the event would then be created using the creative theme. This included a 20-page programme, posters, leaflets and web banners to help push advertising.

The huge success of the From Page To Screen Film Festival under the launch of the new brand was a great example of how CuCo’s excellent design work has the power to translate into excellent ROI. The festival proved a fantastic success, drawing in its largest-ever audience numbers, with performances sold out throughout the entire five days!

The festival’s realisation also helped achieve another key goal of encouraging links between the film and book worlds and overall contributing to the development of a more competitive UK film industry.

Through creative design, we expanded the area of activity at Bridport Arts Centre, whilst making sure it stayed true to its history and areas of specialisation – helping to build the stature of the film festival to bring recognition to Bridport and the South West as a cultural hub in film and literature.