CuCo began to brainstorm ideas for an advertising campaign that would educate Dorset residents about the changing landscape of adult social care. We developed plans for a six month integrated ad campaign to run across both digital and offline media channels, including multiple video content, printed marketing collateral, web banners, social media visuals and livery for council vehicles. We began the creative process by developing the lead message of the campaign, ‘Prepare to live better,’ with a series of creatively integrated, supporting messages targeted specifically to different audience demographics, including ‘are you ready?’ (30-60 year olds) and ‘live the good life! (60+ year olds).’ These were accompanied by key marketing messages as well as a link to the DorsetForYou website so residents could find out more.

A heart branding mechanism was also used as a key brand element for all communications symbolising the care and love we were looking to get Dorset residents to embrace. The colour palette was considered carefully, with a bright, optimistic orange and warm red drawn from the Dorset County Council corporate brand guidelines. The orange colour was selected because it suggests sociability, fun and confidence, whilst the red represents love, desire and energy. When considering the photography used throughout the campaign, we wanted all imagery to create a sense of strength, activity and community. It was also important that all lifestyle photography looked distinctly ‘Dorset’ to allow residents to feel a sense of affinity with the visuals. The scenarios in the photography are that of confident, active, family-orientated individuals enjoying the local area including beautiful beaches and rolling countryside. The use of black and white imagery with colour surrounding the key individuals or objects highlights the message of preparing for the future to live life to its best.