As the lead branding agency for eco-friendly salon towel brand Scrummi, CuCo has recently undergone a range of creative project work, that in turn, is successfully building their brand towards a greater and greener future.

Following Scrummi’s huge rebrand earlier this year, CuCo’s Team of Creatives have completely transformed the brand’s identity, style and tone of voice, resulting in Scrummi leading the change (LOUD AND PROUD!) within the ever-growing environmentally-friendly beauty market.

Since Scrummi’s brighter and bolder rebrand, CuCo has worked with them on a range of effective projects including, art direction, photography shoots, packaging and product design, brand identity and more recently the creation and design of the Scrummi brochure. 

The aim of the brochure was to communicate Scrummi’s environmentally-friendly values, tell their story to their existing and new customers, and also act as a catalogue for people to shop the range of natural and recyclable single-use towels. From the copywriting, photography, product mockups, theme and story the brochure began to take shape.

The inspiration for the brochure came from the packaging brand vision, as used across Scrummi’s biodegradable and eco-friendly range. Similar to the packaging, the brochure cover includes an embossed lift on the waffle patterns, which in turn gives customers an insight into the texture and feel of the towels, without physically having to have used them. To further echo the brand’s values, the brochures are FSC accredited, made up of 100% recycled paper and printed using an environmentally-friendly process using only water-based colours. 

CuCo’s experienced team of creatives enjoy nothing more than developing effective assets that tell the brands story from a first glance. So, if you’re looking for an agency that produces sustainable work and is driven by achieving effective results for its clients, our branding experts are here to help! Get in touch today.