As a market-leading provider of care technology in the UK, Courtney Thorne approached CuCo whilst looking for an agency to redesign their brand and completely re-evaluate their marketing strategy. With a series of ground breaking products ready to launch, they had identified the need to reposition themselves in the market as leading innovators over their competitors. Courtney Thorne chose CuCo as their go-to agency for the re-brand and digital strategy saying our proposal was engaging, challenging and stood out from the rest!

After completing a series of intensive branding workshops, CuCo developed a new approach to create a fresh brand identity for the business. After gaining an understanding of the brand’s contemporary identification and constructing a set of brand guidelines, we then rolled out the new branding into the design of a sales brochure and literature, stationery and exhibition materials. The new printed literature encompassed our freshly designed sleek, simplistic and polished look.

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As well as re-developing CT’s branding, CuCo developed a new, fully-responsive website powered by WordPress. The client wanted to enhance their digital presence to reflect their technological expertise and improve their customer’s experience. With this in mind, CuCo’s design and development of the website has created a platform for Courtney Thorne’s customers to browse their comprehensive range of new resources as easily and efficiently as possible. In addition to the website, we executed a digital strategy including email marketing and advertising.

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Since their partnership with CuCo, Courtney Thorne has seen a rapid increase in sales figures, as customers are now more aware of the revolutionary products their extensive range has to offer. As a result of our direct mail campaign, Courtney Thorne experienced an immediate five figure return on their investment. The business have now moved into a custom-specified office, with extensive research and development capabilities as well as a dedicated training facility.

Upon starting the project, it was clear to see how extremely passionate the staff were about their business, but there was a lack of understanding about the brand itself. CuCo’s mission was to re-brand the business whilst also creating a strong set of brand guidelines to improve brand protocol. As a direct result of CuCo’s work, the team’s feedback has been outstanding and a strong brand loyalty has been firmly established, both by customers and the CT team.

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