As a specialist in packaging design, CuCo love to take on new challenges and create original, creative designs and surprise our clients with innovative, fresh ideas! After the successful packaging redesign for Dorset Sea Salt, we are proud to present you with our latest packaging project for GirlZone!

We have been working with the online gift retailer GirlZone since the beginning of this year  and some of you might have seen the exciting packaging we have developed for the brand’s lip gloss sets.

Here are some more recent packaging designs we have been working on for this exciting client!

As an agency with lots of previous experience in packaging design, it was very important to us to not only create a recognisable, fun image through the packaging, but to create a packaging that represents the quality of the products and values of the brand, whilst also being practical. Finding the balance between appearance and functionality can be challenging, however, our Design Team here at CuCo have managed to come up with some amazing packaging solutions, which incorporate both of these characteristics!

It was very important to portray a coherent brand image through across all packaging, avoiding inconsistency so to build a strong image for GirlZone. During the design process it is essential to ensure that none of the packaging is identical and each piece has its own unique elements at all times.

As mentioned in our previous post about GirlZone, we have also made adjustments to the colour palette and have moved away from just pink on the brand’s packaging in order to give the brand more flexibility.

We have been working hard to get all elements of the packaging to the highest possible standard we are very proud of the outcome.

We will continue to work on the packaging for all of GirlZone’s latest products – so keep an eye out to see the most recent designs for our most sparkling client!

If you like the packaging design we have created for GirlZone, and are looking for a fresh new creative look for your packaging – our experts are here to help! Get in touch today.