Have you ever picked up a carton, bottle, or food pot from Innocent and smiled inside at what was written on the label? London-based Innocent is a brand that understands the power of exceptional, creative copywriting.

Prior to the launch of Innocent, food packaging had been a fairly sober, stuffy affair. Then BOOM – one day (28th April 1999, if you’re interested) Innocent were on the scene and boy did they know how to use language!


Copywriting is an essential, and often overlooked, element of any brand’s personality. Innocent’s laid-back brand voice echoes through the copy featured at every single one of their customer touch-points, including their packaging, adverts and digital channels.

Whilst Innocent drinks are often significantly more expensive than it’s competitors, the Innocent packaging gives the impression that the brand really cares about it’s buyers. With their catchy brand slogan of ‘Tastes good. Does good,’ the branding agency of Innocent have created a clear, instantly likeable mission statement to help consumers understand and internalise the brand values.


Plus, because the packaging is constantly changing with quirky new labels featuring fun, new ideas, engaging messages and creative, colourful visuals, the perception of London-based Innocent as a fresh, feel-good-factor brand is further reinforced.

Innocent tonuge

Similarly, the Innocent website shuns the usual corporate language we have come to expect from big brands (impressive considering the company is 90% owned by American multinational giant Coca Cola Company) and instead reflects the brand’s personality to a T. Because their web design agency make sure you’re only ever reading 20-30 words at a time, the copy feels quick and easy to read. The simple, light-hearted tone also allows the reader to feel instantly at ease and warm-hearted, the way you do when having a casual chat with an old friend.

‘Sign up for love, friendship, a weekly newsletter’

‘…and contain nothing nasty that you wouldn’t add yourself. Plus, they can be heated up in minutes. Win.’

Whilst the more fastidious amongst us may cringe at some of the questionable grammar choices by the brand, the cheerful somewhat spontaneous tone created as a result is completely coherent with the Innocent brand personality. The consistency with which this tone is wielded means that the reader is given the impression that they are always talking to the same ‘person.’ Straplines derived from personal experiences such as ‘shake before opening (not after)’ also signal this association.

With their honest, simple approach, very human slogans like ‘stay healthy, be lazy’ and fun content like the ‘wee-ometer,’ Innocent’s branding agency have made the daily struggle of making healthy choices into something that feels incredibly easy to do (and even fun), somehow managing to appeal to all age groups!


Without a doubt, Innocent’s copywriting has played a huge part in enabling the company to excel within their (very over-saturated) market segment. It has also allowed the brand to cross-sell into other markets, an obvious example being the the book retail market. One publication Innocent have brought to market is entitled ‘Stay heathy, be lazy,’ and incorporates the brand personality into a short, illustrated book, encouraging people to not only drink Innocent drinks, but also live a fun, healthy lifestyle. The book is hilariously written and illustrated in the much-loved Innocent style.

Take a look at the Innocent website and have a look for yourself. Trust us, it’s a refreshing read!

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