CuCo’s Digital Team have been hard at work over the past year and a half transforming traditional British heritage brand Kent Brushes into a powerful online retailer. Recognised for their handmade and professional line of brushes, the company continues to dominate the world’s beauty industry thanks to their impeccable reputation and highly sought after quality products. By developing and implementing numerous proven digital marketing strategies, CuCo have increased both brand awareness and sales to the millennial market.

Here’s how we did it….

The process began with CuCo taking over the management of Kent’s organic social media activity back at the end of 2015. Our online activity was so successful that CuCo were quickly appointed the exciting task of designing and building a brand new e-commerce website for Kent Brushes, which went live in the Summer of 2016. (See how we put our web development expertise to the test here).

Through stimulating the organic growth of Kent’s social media following and the conception and production of a fantastic new e-commerce site (if we do say so ourselves), CuCo transformed the traditional brand into a key digital player in the market. Following the resulting sales success, CuCo were next asked to put together an overall digital marketing strategy for the British Heritage Brand.

CuCo’s digital marketing team put their creative brains together and developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Kent Brushes that would continue to evolve their brand as well as of course, generate a greater monthly online revenue.

The second half of last year became a KEY period for the world’s oldest hairbrush manufacturers when CuCo’s digital strategy was put to the test and, as expected –  😉 – performed with outstanding success.

CuCo developed and implemented sales campaigns and marketing strategies for Kent’s exhibition at the renowned Salon International Showcase as well as for Movember, Black Friday and Christmas, and the brand saw sales absolutely soar over this period.

To truly see the significant progress Kent has made in the digital world since appointing CuCo as their digital partner, let’s take a look at some simple figures.

Through CuCo’s Facebook advertising strategies, blog writing, design, code and send out of numerous email campaigns, as well as thorough market research, strategic continuous monitoring, analytics, Ad Words, website maintenance, and design work (we’ve been busy!), CuCo’s Black Friday Campaign alone – which ran from November 25th-27th, reached a staggering 700% rise in sales compared to the same period the previous year, as well as a 666% quantity increase!

December also reaped the immense success of the Black Friday Campaign and following the end of CuCo’s Christmas Campaigns, the festive period saw a 44% rise in revenue, 50% increase in quantities ordered and an average order value increase of 11% compared to November – December 2015.

When CuCo’s paid social media activity started in November 2016, we helped Kent Brushes earn 30% of their overall revenue for 2016 in just TWO months! Oh, and we also gathered over 1000 newsletter signups in just over one month too. We think you’ll agree… that’s pretty awesome! We are also proud to congratulate Kent Brushes on being presented with a Women’s Health Future 50 Beauty Award which saw the Oooh That’s Nice Brush win Best Hair Tool 2016.

Having built a brand synonymous with quality and excellence, the company is continuously redefining the grooming experience for men and women with their signature hair brushes and traditional grooming products.

Congratulations for an amazing year Kent Brushes, the CuCo team are looking forward to a bright, hair-filled 2017 alongside you!

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