As a sustainable packaging agency, CuCo love sustainable, plastic-free packaging solutions! And we’re not alone: A recent survey from leading audience insight tool, Global Web Index, found that 42% of consumers say products that use sustainable packaging are important when it comes to their day-to-day purchases and a further 54% of consumers are opting for greener packaging.

So when our new client Scrummi approached us to design and produce a biodegradable sample box for their eco-friendly, single-use hair towels, we couldn’t wait to give it a dry!

The project included the production of the net, design, copywriting and print management of the sample box.

Scrummi box unfolded

Our creative packaging design experts developed the dimensions for the box and produced mock-ups and prototypes. The box itself has a removable tray with die cuts to allow the products to be instantly seen and the waffle texture touched when the box is opened. Ergonomic cut outs were also integrated into the design to ensure easy-handling by the end-user.

The design of the box followed the new Scrummi brand creative developed by CuCo including its colour palette, brand mechanisms, typography, illustrations and more.

Scrummi Sample Box Stacked

The content of the box followed the distinctive, upbeat Scrummi tone of voice we have created for the brand, and our creative copywriters ensured their positive, cheeky and self-assured brand comms style was reflected in all copy used throughout the whole piece, using fun phrases like ‘bye-bye washing machine,’ ‘you’re a legend in the making’ and ‘give it a dry!’ As the sample box is the first impression many key salon decision markers will have with the brand, we also carefully considered the user experience of the box, creating a playful, yet educational journey inside, with the aim to attract and engage the user at a first glance.

Applying insightful facts and figures to the design allows the customer to read about the various benefits the Scrummi towel provides, not only to the purchaser but also to the environment. This was something we were keen to shout about, and shout about we did, using illustrations, infographics and lots of colour!

Finally, CuCo managed all aspects of print of the sample boxes, including advising on print finishes. CuCo suggested a sustainable, natural board, with a white base print to enable the coloured ink to have maximum vibrancy on the craft paper.

Scrummi Sample Box

Scrummi were extremely pleased with their sample boxes and couldn’t wait to send them out to leading salons and influencers across the globe.

Our team of experts have worked on various sustainable packaging solutions for clients including Dorset Sea Salt Co. and ON! Juniper – So if you’re in need of some sustainable packaging for your brand, our branding experts are here to help! Get in touch today – we’d love to work with you!