DGH is a government-funded organisation that offers grants, guidance, and 1-2-1 training and support to businesses to increase economic growth throughout the Dorset region. The DGH team is built up of professional individuals who take a trusting and human approach to their work, offering impartial and tailored guidance to each of its clients.

The passion of the individuals involved in DGH shone through during initial meetings with CuCo Creative and it was made clear that the rebrand project if done correctly, would enhance the work that this great organisation was fulfilling. CuCo was delighted to win this local project and to get stuck in having seen the potential in a bold new identity that reflected the organisation’s services and helps them to communicate effectively with their various audiences.

Initial thoughts for the branding project highlighted the urgent need for a solid Brand Architecture to explain the many ways in which DGH can help consult local businesses. The existing overarching brand that was being used did not present business owners with a clear pathway to the help that they were after… Whether this would be represented by colours, logos or alternating designs would need to be established as the creative aspects of the project are brought to life.

CuCo Creative will be providing guidance surrounding the tone of voice that can be echoed across marketing platforms, brand imagery styling, and most crucially brand direction which will involve the creation of new logos and brand guidelines for the organisation to utilise moving forwards.

The starting point was the development of a new Company Vision:

We inspire economical growth in Dorset by reaching and improving local businesses by delivering expert knowledge, with shared experience and learning

Read how this project has progressed under the wings of CuCo Creative by clicking here.

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