Over the past decade our insatiable appetite for social media has transformed the way we all share news and correspond with both friends and family on a daily basis. Our love affair with social media continues to sky rocket and in 2016 Facebook alone boasts 1.591 billion monthly active users.

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It’s unsurprising then that for the savvy marketer, paid social advertising presents itself as a compelling and cost-effective sales and marketing proposition. With it’s pinpoint targeting options and fathomless analytical packages, for brands looking to reach out to their audience online, social advertising is where it’s at right now.


Facebook particularly has become the platform of choice for digital-savvy brands looking to make online sales of their product, service or customer experience. According to Hootsuite, social media ad spending is likely to exceed $35 billion by 2017 representing an increase of almost $13 billion in the space of just two years.

As an agency we often talk about our achievements in the world of design, but did you know CuCo also offer the full spectrum of digital marketing services?

We often recommend the integration of paid social media advertising into our client’s campaigns and the direct ROI we are achieving with this approach is tremendous.

Case Study: SafeSip

Social media advertising has been the axiom of our latest campaign with our client SafeSip. SafeSip is the re-usable drink cover that fits virtually any glass, mug, cup or can, stopping drinks spills for good. Not only is it great for spill-prone kids, but also for those who struggle to drink independently due to health related issues.

CuCo have worked on the brand since it’s conception, designing both the logo and the product packaging. We now take an active role in their online marketing comms and sales strategies.

The team at SafeSip were already investing in paid Facebook advertising when they approached us, but were not satisfied with the ROI they were achieving in-house. Bounce rates were at 70% and conversion rates were as low as 2.09%.

CuCo were briefed to both increase SafeSip’s monthly online sales figures as well as achieve a higher conversion rate. Once appointed, CuCo began the process by gaining insight into their current digital audience and their response to SafeSip’s existing comms strategy.

In the context of the product and it’s USPs, CuCo dissected various segments of the SafeSip market, focusing on how the product can appeal to various target groups such as the elderly as well as those with young families.

The website was developed in-house by the client using a popular e-commerce platform. Working within the analytics package of this system, our team immediately noticing a substantial drop off rate between visitors to the site adding to cart and making a purchase, CuCo immediately made suggestions to improve the perceived authenticity of the site. This had an immediate impact on site traffic and sales conversions. Then, ten weeks ago, we began managing SafeSip’s Facebook advertising budget.

We were able to identify the relevant audience demographics through tools such as Google Analytics and Facebook Insights and therefore maximise revenue by using the client’s budget to target the right audiences with relevant, engaging messages. Within weeks of the campaign start CuCo identified the need for a homepage re-design that better directed visitors to the relevant part of the site once they arrived. CuCo designed and integrated the new homepage into the CMS and this resulted immediately in a drop in the bounce rate of 10% and an instant increase in sales.

Direct sales have skyrocketed since. In the ten week period before CuCo started working on SafeSip’s Facebook page, the conversion rate was averaging 2.09%. With only a 13% increase in budget, we have achieved an average conversion rate of 5.3% over the last ten weeks. Revenue has increased by 153% and the order count has increased by a staggering 188%. We have also increased their organic reach exponentially, with thousands of people now aware of and fans of Safe Sip, and actively expressing their interest in the brand and in receiving and engaging with updates from the company via their Facebook accounts. For example, in just one week we were able to achieve a post reach of 630,102.

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Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 13.56.08Page Likes per month on SafeSip Facebook Page

Case Study: Kent Brushes

Over recent months, CuCo has also been managing the social media presence for Kent Brushes across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and have helped a smooth transition of this quintessential British heritage brand into the digital age.

Our strategy embraced a highly visual campaign combining Kent Brushes iconic rich heritage, with a modern twist to incorporate it’s latest news and newest products. Our campaign created an exciting buzz for the launch of their revolutionary Oooh That’s Nice! hairbrush as well as the reintroduction of their beard brush, one of Kent Brushes timeless classics. We interspersed the use of organic posts with paid advertising to reach out to both customers directly and via suppliers, boutique hairdressers and barbers to drive online sales.

As a result of our paid advertising and our comprehensive organic strategy, interaction between suppliers and customers increased significantly. With the Kent Brushes Instagram account trebling its followers in just three months. Key products we are promoting such as the Beard Brush are constantly selling out on the Kent Brushes online store and our many more of our Followers are millennials who are excitedly awaiting the launch of the ‘Oooh That’s Nice!’ hairbrush coming soon exclusively to Boots stores across the United Kingdom.

After taking note of the huge increase in online sales, we are now working alongside Kent Brushes to develop their new Magento website due for launch in Summer 2016.


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