Sustainability is becoming more important for all companies and across all industries. It’s a business approach that is not only becoming unavoidable, but also necessary for the future of our planet.

As sustainable packaging experts, CuCo always encourage our client to move towards more sustainable packaging solutions.

Here are some of our most recent sustainable packaging solutions we created for our clients:

#1 Dorset Sea Salt

dorset sea salt packaging

When the Dorset Sea Salt Company approached CuCo to rebrand their business and create a fresh, new packaging for their amazing salt products, we were extremely excited to take on the project. Both CuCo and the client were determined to move away from the existing plastic packaging and explore more sustainable alternatives. A recyclable glass jar was chosen, for which CuCo created a beautiful label, helping to reflect Dorset Sea Salt’s eco-friendly values, as well as the premium image of the brand. The rebrand has been extremely successful and the local Dorset brand is now being stocked in high-end stores such as Selfridges across the UK.

#2 ON! Juniper

on juniper

The organic children’s lifestyle brand ON! Juniper was in need for a new packaging that would reflect the values of the brand and better appeal to its target audience. To better reflect the organic, sustainable values of the brand, the existing plastic packaging was replaced with some bespoke pyramid-shaped cardboard boxes, which required our team to perform some complex cardboard engineering. For the design, bright, bold colours were chosen to make the brand stand out on the shelves and better appeal to the target audience. The new packaging is unique, full of energy and clearly aligns with the brand’s organic and sustainable values. The new packaging exceeded the client’s expectations and the brand’s bath bombs have recently been awarded with the ‘Bronze Achievement Award’ in the Free From Skincare Awards.

#3 Scrummi 


Most recently, CuCo were approached by the sustainable, eco-friendly salon towel brand Scrummi to create a biodegradable sample box for their single-use hair towels. As Scrummi are such a sustainable business, it was key that the box would reflect this instantly. Therefore, a kraft paper was chosen for the packaging foundation. CuCo created a beautiful, bespoke design for the sample boxes and even managed the print to ensure the sample boxes would be of superior quality. The result couldn’t have been any better and client couldn’t wait to send the stunning sample boxes our to leading salons and influencers across the world.

If you’re in need of some sustainable packaging for your brand, our packaging experts are here to help! Get in touch today – we’d love to work with you!