The Buttafly is an innovative and ergonomically designed seat for Yoga and meditation created with love and care by Hampshire-based Physiotherapist and Yogini, Louise James.


Louise developed the idea for The Buttafly following years of sitting uncomfortably in the ‘easy pose’ (the cross-legged position) during her Yoga practices. Despite being a Physiotherapist herself with years of experience in ergonomics and posture, she found that she invariably slumped and this made it difficult to breathe properly into the belly and caused her lower back to ache. The ‘easy pose’ was anything but!

Louise tried every available seat on the market in an attempt to overcome this challenge, but failed to find anything that could help her sit well and easily cross-legged for long periods of time. Unable to source what she needed and with a foundation of life’s work in ergonomics, Louise started playing around with bits of foam and yoga blocks.


From this, The Buttafly seat was born. Ergonomically designed, the gently sloping upper surface supports the pelvis for optimal alignment of the spin whilst the unique groove at the back alleviates unnecessary pressure on the tailbone and lower back.

“Initially I was a little skeptical about the potential benefits of the Buttafly and so it was to my great surprise that I was able to experience a sense of space at the base of the spine… It provided an openness and lightness in the sitting position. I have already put in my order and shall not hesitate to recommend this product to others.” Val G., Poole

Louise approached CuCo to act as her brand consultants and to help her launch the product into the market. Since then CuCo have worked on The Buttafly’s brand development, advertising campaigns, packaging, digital solutions, exhibition materials and more!



Not only is The Buttafly good news for your posture, it’s good news for the earth! The product is made from 100% recyclable foam and the business itself is committed to ecologically-friendly principles. In addition, the company work alongside The Lantern Community in Dorset, creating life-enhancing opportunities for adults with learning difficulties, on an important part of the project – custom-making wooden stands for easy storage of the Buttafly.

To find out more about The Buttafly, or to pledge to their Kickstater campaign, click here, or why not catch them at the Om Yoga Show in Manchester this weekend?


Namaste – we’re off for some studio lunchtime yoga on our Buttafly’s.