The decision to launch NPA in the midst of a global pandemic was based on three key principles. They share an intrinsic desire to add value to the UK and the communities they serve, they have the skill set and capability to provide pioneering products during a time of great need and they are determined to support the UK’s economic recovery from one of its most challenging periods.

CuCo were approached by NPA to develop the branding and the website for this ambitious brand. As successful branding and digital agency, CuCo were excited to take on the project and support NPA in their mission to protect Britain’s key workers and support the UK economy.

CuCo kick-started the branding process with a brand workshop to define NPA’s beliefs, vision, values and purpose and establish the brand’s tone of voice, as well as the brand architecture.

From there, CuCo’s experienced designers created a logo that would truly reflect the NPA brand, whilst also keeping NPA’s sub-brand Protektn as well as any future sub-brands in mind.

NPA Brand Logo Design

A wide, ribbon was chosen to create the letters NPA. The gentle folds of the ribbon represent the production process of polythene, NPA’s main manufacturing material, when it goes through the press. To emphasise NPA’s core value of British Manufacturing, the Union Jack was cleverly incorporated into every back fold of the ribbon, whilst blue was chosen as primary colour for front of the ribbon to signify trust and expertise. To further highlight the values of NPA, CuCo also came up with the Strapline “Supporting Local Communities”.

Having established a strong brand for NPA, our creative team then applied the new branding to NPA Protektn, their first sub-brand.

The sub brand was designed using a monolithic brand architecture approach. This allowed the brand language to be used and applied to NPA Protektn, as well as any future sub-brands. For Protektn, a light blue was chosen to replace the Union Jack on the back fold of the ribbon and communicates health and reliability, which are important values for the medical sub-brand.

NPA UK marketing materials, including lanyard

As further sub-brands are introduced, each would adopt a primary colour which can then be applied to the logo, making the branding extremely versatile as the company grows.

The new branding is currently being rolled out across all marketing materials, including stationery and the exciting new website CuCo’s talented digital team created for NPA.

The client is extremely happy with the new branding, which truly communicates their values and vision for the brand.

If you’re looking for an experienced branding agency to help develop a strong brand for your business, our brading experts are here to help! Get in touch today – We’d love to help!

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