Like for many businesses, 2020 hasn’t been the best of years, for obvious reasons, yet for PDSW the timing was even more unfortunate as it would fall on their 10 year anniversary.

However, PDSW have been more determined than ever to continue to motivate people to get up and dance as well as celebrate their 10 year anniversary and thus appointed CuCo to help achieve this.

CuCo have been PDSW’s go-to creative agency for the large part of the 10 years, working on various projects including their branding, marketing literature, seasonal programmes and most recently their exciting new website.

Marketing campaign to celebrate 10 years of PDSW

Working closely with the client, it was identified that there was a general lack of awareness about how accessible PDSW really is. Even though PDSW is located in the heart of Bournemouth town centre, many people aren’t aware of this.

CuCo created a marketing campaign that focuses on ten everyday people who love to dance, are inspired by PDSW and regularly use their dance studios. The campaign called ‘A PDSW Story’ includes the creation of video content for use on the website and on social channels, that offers the ability to link into Google Maps to showcase to the audience where PDSW is in relation to their current location. Postcards were also designed within the campaign along with email newsletters, all sent out to their database.

PDSW are extremely happy with the result of the project and are excited to promote their location and their 10 year anniversary through the new, fully integrated campaign.

If you’re looking a creative agency to help achieve your marketing goals in 2021, our brading experts are here to help! Get in touch today – We’d love to help!

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