International not-for-profit organisation, The Sustainable Spa Association recently appointed CuCo to create recognisable branding for their newly formed business. 

The Sustainable Spa Association’s (SSA) aim is to build a network of spa operators and brand partners with the collective goal of achieving a long-term reduction in the environmental impact of the spa industry. Impressive right? We know! 

So because we were SO impressed by the SSA incentives and following CuCo’s growing profile of sustainable brands, we couldn’t wait to get started on this project. 

CuCo’s idea for the brand logo drew on the importance of the SSA not-for-profit work and their strongly linked relationships with their spa operators and brand partners. CuCo’s design experts, did this by tying in two-letter ’S’ and ‘A’ together and cleverly forming water droplets in the process (look closely and you will see). This logo design created a ‘mark’ for the brand, a mark that could be communicated across the SSA external platforms. 

Using neutral green and blue tones for the logo, created a natural and effortless chic feel. It wasn’t long before two sister logos were born, the ‘Membership’ and an ‘Accreditation’.

The SSA team was extremely pleased with the design and concept, and as their fantastic work continues to grow, the SSA looks forward to rolling out their new brand identity across their platforms. 

As a creative design agency, CuCo is passionate about creating memorable designs that will stand out amongst the noise. Our sustainable portfolio has, in the past year alone, working with green brands the likes of Scrummi, ON! Juniper and Dorset Sea Salt

So, if you’re looking to create a meaningful and effective brand, our experts are here to help! Get in touch today – we’d love to help!