The Buttafly is a revolutionary new prop for effortless sitting created by Physiotherapist, Louise James. Innovative and ergonomically designed, the product overcomes the significant challenge of sitting comfortably in the cross-legged or ‘easy pose,’ during Yoga or meditation. With so many unique benefits over traditional yoga blocks, CuCo were excited about the opportunity to bring the Buttafly to life, making the industry sit up and take note.

The initial task was to develop the Buttafly brand. Evolving the identity and creating a fresh, harmonious colour palette. We also selected a brand typeface with a clean, contemporary appearance.

The packaging brief was for a cost-effective yet ethical solution that didn’t hide the product. CuCo encouraged the process of biodegradable shrink wrapping allowing the product to be seen and handled. A wrap around sleeve was designed acting as a centre piece, the design continued the contours of the product on the sleeve. The packaging print process saw the use of a true ethical process, on 100% recycled uncoated stock and printed with environmentally friendly vegetable-based inks.

The new brand was rolled across press advertising, stationery and exhibition panels to ensure the sales team had the materials needed to showcase the product and it’s benefits during industry exhibitions.

Fully-responsive and built on the CMS WordPress, the Buttafly website offers e-commerce capabilities alongside a strong sales pitch that immediately communicates the unique benefits of the Buttafly concept over traditional yoga blocks. Highly visual yet informative, the site allows the customer to get to know the product, and select the right height from the range. Since the launch, the website has experienced exceptionally low bounce rates of under 15%, as well as fantastic great page sessions conversions.

Brand Development