Pavilion Dance South West (PDSW) are the National Dance Development Organisation for the South. The Bournemouth-based not-for-profit organisation work tirelessly to transform communities through dance.

CuCo have been working closely with the organisation for many years on various projects including branding, marketing literature, seasonal programmes and much more.

Having employed a very colourful, vibrant brand style in the past, PDSW were now looking to move towards a cleaner, more sophisticated style and therefore asked CuCo to re-address their overall brand look.

Working closely with the client, our talented design team decided to move away from the wide colour palette and curves that the brand currently use and instead create a more minimalist look for the brand. Through using a smaller colour palette that can be used across all seasons rather than a different colour palette for each season, CuCo created a more consistent look for the brand that can be used throughout the year.

A cleaner, more simplistic look was achieved through the use of more white space and sharp, clean edges instead of curves.

Strong use of imagery is very important for the PDSW programme design. The new design is very-much visually-led, removing distraction and enabling the audience to focus on discovering the artists and their work. Smaller page titles and a reduction in the text content of each performance allowed CuCo to create more clear space, allowing the images to breath and become the main focus of the brochure.

pavilion dance spread

The new, sophisticated, visually-led look is clean, focused and represents the feel of the dance organisation well. The client is extremely delighted with the brand refresh and we are looking forward to all our future projects with PDSW.

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