We love Dorset. Dorset is just beautiful. Miles of stunning coastlines, unspoilt countrysides, historic castles and great towns. 

And in this diverse, beautiful county, some diverse, independent and truly unique food and drink businesses have developed.

Whether you want to season your food with freshly harvested sea salt from the jurassic coast, eat in restaurants that grow their own herbs in their kitchen garden or have a glass of wine fresh from a local vineyard – Dorset is full of locally produced products.

The county has become a hot spot for locally produced food and drinks – with brands ranging from authentic dorset iced coffee, gin and sparkling wine to local cereals, chocolates, olives, chilli sauces, cheeses and sea salts.

There’s nothing better than the taste of authenticity.

As an experienced branding and marketing agency, CuCo know that there are few more powerful concepts in branding than using a brands’ origins to differentiate it from the competition. The country of origin effect – or in this case ‘county of origin’ effect, combined with the consumer’s increasing need for authenticity and locality provides great opportunities for Dorset businesses to grow and develop.

Having developed outstanding branding, packaging and web designs for local Dorset food and drink brands such as Dorset Sea Salt Co. and English Oak Vineyard, CuCo are extremely proud and supportive of growing local businesses.

dorset sea salt co

We can’t wait to see more and more exciting new food and drink businesses popping up across Dorset over the coming years.

If you’re a local food or drink brand looking for fresh new packaging, branding, a website or a marketing strategy for your brand, our experts are here to help! Get in touch today.