Branding is the process of establishing a growing relationship between your company and your customers.

This includes your brand language, look, values, and more. If there’s anything, our Bournemouth-based marketing agency loves creating a brand journey with our clients and working with them to evolve their brand. 

Why do we advocate for an incredible branding journey for a marketing campaign? Guess you’ll have to read on to find out!

Creates a solid foundation 

Your marketing campaign comes off your brand journey. Your company name, brand ethos, and visual design are all critical parts of your branding and will decide how your marketing will look and how your marketing campaigns will play out.

Creating a strong brand story is essential for our clients and us, as it builds a solid foundation of where we can go in terms of creating marketing materials.

The colours within your branding will decide the colour scheme of your marketing materials, and your logo and brand language will further emphasise your marketing journey. 

Overall, branding is essential in laying the original brickwork in a marketing campaign.  

Builds trust with customers

Creating a strong brand story isn’t only crucial for marketing purposes and building trust between you and your customers.

Your customers will recognise and understand your brand without seeing your logo if you have a solid brand identity. Look at brands like Coca-Cola or McDonald’s; you’ll recognise them from their brand colours and language alone. 

McDonald’s has been doing the same thing for decades, with the same slogan “I’m loving it”. Despite controversies McDonald’s has had over the years, their sales have increased over the years. The simplicity in their branding, followed by their core values of providing delicious and easy food, can’t really be denied. Despite their controversies, people still trust McDonald’s for doing exactly what they promise.
Within your branding, you must make your ethos realistic for who you are as a brand so you don’t disappoint your customers. 

How we’ve utilised branding for our clients 

Our Bournemouth-based agency has created numerous branding journeys within the UK and internationally.

Recently, we’ve created the branding for aircraft maintenance support company GSE Tool Support. GSE has been going for over 100 years and wanted a brand evolution that refreshed its branding, so they came to us. We created a refreshed version of their current brand colours and a new website demonstrating the new typography, logo, and photography.

Alternatively, we’ve been part of creating Care Dorset’s branding for their brand-new innovative support organisation. This was different from GSE as they had no branding previously, so we made their first brand model.
This included creating a strong brand identity and tone of voice with Care Dorset and brand colours related to their core ethos. Purple is the staff; orange is the people they support; and crimson is the overarching supporting colour that combines their colleagues, the people they support, and their crimson values. 

Evaluating who Care Dorset are and who they want to be, and telling their story, was crucial before thinking about logos. 

Branding is important in a marketing journey as it sets a stronghold for who you are as a brand. 

Do you want a CuCo Creative solution for your branding? 

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