Logo design is made up of symbols and text to help us identify the brands that we like. At CuCo Creative, we design logos by creating a story behind the logo; everyone has a meaning.

A logo is essential for a brand to stand out and be recognisable to its customers and potential customers. 

Your logo identifies the critical information you want your audience to know about you and builds brand recognition.

The imagery, typography, and brand colours are essential for your logo design. Therefore, the imagery, typography, and brand colours would have been defined in the branding process.

Branding is much more than the logo design; but defines every aspect of your brand.

Our Bournemouth-based branding agency is passionate about creating branding for our clients, so we get a bit miffed when people think branding is just a snazzy-looking logo, and let us tell you why! 

What does branding involve? 

Branding is the core of any brand. Branding comprises tone of voice, brand language, brand colours, brand strategy, brand purpose and brand identity, and sometimes brand architecture. This is then applied to advertising campaigns, content creation, videography, photography, web design, etc. 

This is much more than the logo design, even though it’s part of the branding process

Think of your brand as a person with their own personality and tastes, and think about what they would like this help you inform yourself of the way your brand wants to present itself.

Branding further connects you to your potential customers so they can understand what your brand represents and whether it would interest them. 

Why is it essential to have coherent branding? 

Your brand’s logo design and overarching branding must follow the same theme. This needs to be coherent for brand awareness. If it’s not, the messaging becomes confusing.

Suppose the branding has a serious tone of voice, with neutral colours, and the logo is colourful and playful. In that case, this confuses potential buyers, with 87% of consumers saying consistent branding across platforms was critical. 

On top of that, clashing colours and brand identities don’t look great together. 

Look at brands like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. No matter what Pepsi does, they can’t steal the number one spot from Coca-Cola for a very similar drink. This is because Coca-Cola has worked tirelessly over the years to perfect and develop its brand loyalty; for many, it’s Coke or nothing. This shows how powerful the impact of branding can be on people.

This must be done through many platforms to build your brand identity effectively. This means your branding follows the same theme to make your brand recognisable. 

Recognition is important for all brands, and with solid and identifiable branding, you’re undeniably mistaken as your brand, which gives your brand exposure. 

Fancy new branding? 

You’re in the right place! Our branding agency has over ten years of experience creating branding for Wild England, Scrummi, Pavilion Dance South West, and Ousri pet food, to name a few!

Just be prepared; it’s more than just a logo for us, so be prepared for us to explore the wonderful world of branding together as we discover what you want for your brand.

Sound like a bit of you? Then, contact our Bournemouth-based branding and design studio, and let’s work together!