We’ve planted over 1000 trees, funded 38 eco-friendly projects, and avoided more than 36 tonnes of CO2. We haven’t done this by ourselves! 

Our agency would love to get out there with green fingers planting trees. Still, we’re busy creating eye-catching marketing, branding, packaging design, and digital campaigns, so we partner with Ecologi

Who are Ecologi? 

Ecologi tackles the climate crisis by planting trees and supporting eco-friendly projects through people using their internet servers. The co-founder and CEO Elliot Coad thought with this idea as he was buying coffee and realised the £5 he just spent on his daily pick-me-up could be used to combat the climate crisis instead. 

Through the co-founders Elliot Coad, Lucy Jack, and Alex Price, together with volunteer environmental activists, Ecologi was born.

Since then, they have over 35 thousand members, planted over 50 million trees, and avoided over 2 million tonnes of CO2.

What Ecologi means to us?

We are a sustainable marketing agency, and we understand that being eco-friendly is no longer a goal or a want but a necessity. Our creative agency designs and plans to make sustainable marketing the heartbeat of everything we do. 

All brands adopt a level of sustainability through us recommending tangible solutions and eco-friendly marketing tactics that elevate brands to the next level and create great brand stories.

These aren’t just words. Our agency carefully selects our partners with ethical and sustainable practices as essential criteria. CuCo Creative’s print partners are FSC accredited and use biodegradable vegetable inks, all reinforced with state-of-the-art eco-friendly technology. The use of compostable and recyclable materials at all times is a given.  

That’s just production. Even our server and web hosting is powered by 100% renewable energy, so just by reading this, you’re doing a bit for climate change! CuCo Creative’s use of an eco-friendly search engine means our clients’ websites play a part in our journey to be green.

Of course, our search engine is eco-friendly too. Using Ecologi ensures that on top of the green servers we use for ourselves and our clients, our internet use is sustainable too.

Why it’s so important for us to be a sustainable agency

Three-quarters of adults in Great Britain worry about climate change and are moving towards making active choices to be more eco-friendly. 

A growing amount of the population wants to be as sustainable as possible, including the CuCo Creative team and the brands we represent. 

For us, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword to make ourselves feel good. It’s for our clients and us to know we’re all doing our bit for the planet by making active choices to be eco-friendly.

Do you want your own sustainable marketing journey? Whether you’re looking for branding, packaging design, marketing, or digital, we’re your guys! 

Contact us and let our Bournemouth-based creative agency create a new eco-friendly campaign for your brand.