So, you just spent the last few hours creating a great post for your businesses’ social media accounts but didn’t get as many likes/comments/retweets as expected? It might have something to do with the time you posted.

Although content is king, timing is everything – and learning what time to post on each platform can help you turn a few likes into thousands.

As digital marketing experts, CuCo know exactly when you should post on each social media channel:


Instagram is meant for use on mobile devices, which is reflected in its usage: content posted on Instagram receives the most engagement during off-work hours. Therefore, lunch breaks and evenings are the best times to boost your engagement. The best day to post on Instagram is Wednesday, whilst the engagement rate on Sundays tends to be low.


With more than 50 percent of users visiting LinkedIn once a week or less, this social media channel is used less frequently than the other platforms on this list – which makes posting at the right times is even more important! As LinkedIn is used mainly for professional purposes, content posted on this platform receives the highest engagement during work hours, particularly between 10am-11am. Posts on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays have seen the most positive performance, with most of LinkedIn visits coming from a mobile device.


Weekdays tend to show a stronger performance, with the engagement on this platform being the highest Monday to Friday. If you are looking for retweets and clickthroughs, during lunch break is the best time to use Twitter to engage your audiences.


Facebook is a major player for brands and can help boost brand awareness, leads and sales. The mother of all social media channels receives high engagement rates throughout the week, with a  slight increase in engagement on the weekend. On average, the best time to post is between 1-4pm, when clickthrough rates are the highest. When posting on Facebook, make sure to include visual content such as photos, videos and GIFs, to instantly grab people’s attention and receive more likes, comments and shares!

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