Bespoke exhibition stands are a great way of creating a flexible exhibition stand for exhibitions, trade shows, fairs, and more. 

There are many reasons why you need an exhibition stand, and if you have specific needs for the exhibition stand and want it to last a few years, a bespoke exhibition stand may be a better option than a modular stand.

Our design agency has created multiple exhibition stands throughout our decade-plus history, including for the optic camera company Leica.  

In terms of what are important features within your exhibition stand, it’s entirely personal to your brand

What’s important to you for your bespoke exhibition stand?

Important features of your brand’s exhibition stand are incredibly personal and depend on numerous factors, like what your brand does or sells. 

For example, Leica came to our agency for us to design a bespoke exhibition stand that would display their array of premium HD optics and their eco-friendly principles. 

For Leica, it was vital to have a display stand for their optics, a repair stand to avoid customers throwing old parts away, and a television displaying Leica footage to show how advanced their optics are. 

In addition, Leica wanted natural elements implemented into the stand so their bespoke exhibition stand would instantly connect to sustainability. 

Our agency designed a living wall element and wild native flowers growing across the frame of the exhibition stand, as well as a natural display backdrop. In addition, the exhibition stand was made of wood, a material with one of the lowest carbon footprints, instead of plastic.

Not every brand is an HD optics company; your needs may vary. Bespoke exhibition stands are fantastic because they’re adjustable to every brand’s need and can be used repeatedly.

Below are features you should consider within your bespoke exhibition stand.


A stand-out exhibition stand is guaranteed to get curious visitors to your stand. Our creative agency specialises in designing exhibition stands that capture the attention of anyone walking by. 

What also helps in the process of making your bespoke exhibition stand captivating for potential customers is brilliant branding

Not only does our creative design agency create exhibition stand design, but we also design meaningful branding for brands. We’ve worked with Wild England, Scrummi, and Pavilion Dance South West (to name a few!), creating the branding that told their story.  

Bland branding lets down even the most interesting of exhibition stands, so ensure you have visually appealing and cohesive branding for your exhibition stand. 


Depending on your business, you may want storage within your exhibition stand. For example, consider how much storage you need if you plan to sell your product at the event.  

Some brands may bring lots of physical products to trade shows, and if that’s your brand, you must ensure your exhibition stand has enough storage. 

On the other hand, some brands don’t plan on selling anything at all at their exhibition stand. In this case, storage features can be replaced with more appropriate exhibition stand features for your brand. 


Bespoke exhibition stands are great because they’re entirely customisable for every need. This means your exhibition stand can be customised to the dimensions of the space you rent for the trade show or exhibition hall.

In designing a bespoke exhibition stand, your space’s dimensions are essential; it’s vital to maximise the use of your space with relevant features. This might include a seating, display, television, or storage area. Whether you’ve got a large or small space, a bespoke exhibition stand can be created that optimises your space, so your exhibition stand doesn’t look empty or too full and chaotic. Your brand’s bespoke exhibition stand has to be functional and visually appealing. 

Do you want a bespoke exhibition stand? 

If so, you’re in the right place! At CuCo Creative, we specialise in design, branding, digital, and marketing, everything you need for a fantastic exhibition stand.

We design impressive exhibition stands with design and sustainability in mind. Making eco-friendly choices is essential for every brand in the current climate. Having a sustainable bespoke exhibition stand that can be reused is just one of many ways we make you stand out from your competitors.

Are you interested in creating a bespoke exhibition stand that tells your brand’s story and captures the attention of potential customers? 

Contact our Bournemouth-based design agency, and we can work on designing your exhibition stand to fit your needs.