Exhibition events like trade shows offer a great marketing opportunity to meet potential clients and competitors. 

Exhibition spaces are highly competitive places. As a result, you can expect hundreds of brands in a similar field at trade shows, all trying to sell their product or service. 

To stand out in an incredibly competitive field, your exhibition stand, and marketing materials must look good enough to catch the attention of hundreds or even thousands of people visiting the exhibition space or trade show. 

Our marketing agency has previously talked about how exhibition stands can benefit your marketing campaigns and what’s important in your bespoke exhibition stand, but what about the marketing outside of the exhibition stand design? 

Brochures and Leaflets 

Your brand may want to distribute brochures or leaflets at the exhibition or trade show you plan to attend. If this is the case, you have to design the brochure or leaflet so people are attracted to it. You want potential customers to flick through the brochure or leaflet and be thoroughly interested in your business, even taking the brochure home and reading it there. 

CuCo Creative has years of experience creating leaflets and brochures for exhibition events and trade shows to catch the attention of your potential customers. 

Most recently, we’re working with TransDigm, a leading global designer, producer and supplier of highly engineered aircraft components, systems and subsystems. TransDigm is participating in a student fair, marketing their company to thousands of aspiring professionals in the UK. On top of their exhibition stand designed by us, they wanted a leaflet so that soon-to-be graduates could understand more about their company. 

When creating the leaflet for TransDigm, we designed a leaflet that would attract a young audience of people who want to be involved in the aerospace industry. 

It’s essential for our marketing agency to copywrite and design a brochure or leaflet according to what audience a client wants to attract at the trade show or other exhibition event.   

Branded Gifts 

Who doesn’t like free things? Part of a trade show’s fun is going from the exhibition stand to the exhibition stand, collecting multiple pens, notepads, and jammy dodgers.  

It’s a given that freebies are the way to win any potential customer’s heart. If these items are branded with your branding design, you can ensure you’re not forgotten either.  For example, I use a pen I picked up from an exhibition stands with a brand’s branding. This is an everyday reminder of this company and free advertising for anyone seeing me use the pen.

People use the gifts you give them, especially when they are helpful, so make sure the freebies you give out have your great branding. Your branding needs to look fantastic so that people will want to keep that branded freebie for years, potentially advertising your brand to people for years.

At CuCo Creative, we create eye-catching branding and design that make everything about your brand stand out. That includes the designs for the freebies you give at your exhibition stand.

Business Cards 

Plan to succeed! A nice business card is more likely to go into a potential customer’s pocket and not in the bin on the way out. 

A well-designed business card is an excellent way for potential customers to remember you and get more calls and emails in the coming days or weeks. 

The design experts at our Bournemouth-based marketing agency have been designing business cards for various brands. We know what makes a good business card, whether your product, service, or target audience. So our agency can create a business card that’s perfect for you.

And so much more!

The world of exhibition stands is exciting for us and for our clients. They can be fantastic marketing opportunities where you communicate with clients first-hand. 

Our agency also loves designing exhibition stands, from modular to bespoke exhibition stands, and all the marketing materials that go with them.

If you’re participating in an exhibition or trade show and want a team of talented designers to create your perfect exhibition stand, let us know, and we’ll create something just right for you.