Branding can be a daunting project for many businesses to oversee, especially as it has to be impactful yet effective. Panic over, CuCo Creative specialises in branding. Our Bournemouth-based branding agency is full of experienced brand designers, working with countless clients to work through their branding and get it just right for them.

Food and drink branding becomes a challenge for many people as you try to create branding that looks good enough to eat. 

CuCo Creative can proudly boast of having over fifteen years of experience creating tasty branding, marketing, digital, and packaging design for our clients that sit right with our brands.

What makes excellent food branding? 

Great branding isn’t one size fits all. Branding is diverse and defines your brand; the same branding for Burger King isn’t going to work for Planet Organic. 

The basics of food and drink branding are to think of what your company would be like as a person. Are you rebellious? Caring? Intellectual? Funny? Health-conscious? All the above? How would you dress? 

These kinds of things affect your visual brand identity and your brand’s tone of voice significantly when differing what kind of food brand you are.

For example, McDonald’s uses red and yellow as their brand colours to signify that they’re quick and yellow is associated with happiness. Plus, the brand colours are easy to spot on busy roads where many McDonald’s are. 

In contrast, health-conscious food supermarket brand Whole Foods uses green as their primary colour with white typography to convey their connections to nature and the white signifying clean eating. 

Branding is more than brand colours. Your typography, brand language, and whether you are minimalist or maximalist also affect how potential customers perceive your brand.

Your branding choices affect the potential customer you will attract, so your branding should complement your business strategies and goals.

When done well, your branding can define close personal and emotional ties with your customer base and meaningfully separates you from your competitors. 

In short, to create fantastic food and drink branding, you must develop unique and flavourful branding that tells your brand’s story. 

Does food and drink branding end with my logo and packaging design?

Definitely not! When you have fresh branding, you need to show it off. Therefore, web design and build are crucial in marketing your food or drink product. And whether you want an e-commerce website to sell your product online or a brochure website to share with potential stockists, a good website with your new branding is a significant step to bring your food or drink brand to the next level.

Food and drink branding has to be concise; you’ll be fighting with many competitors for your product, and the branding must flow through on all platforms so that potential customers can easily recognise your food and drink product or brand. So your new branding has to be applied to your latest marketing materials, social media, packaging design, and website.

How can you help?  

We are a talented branding agency that has worked with multiple food and drink brands to create branding and packaging design for food and drink brands like English Oak VineyardDorset Sea SaltŌskuhús and more!

At CuCo Creative, we’re a Bournemouth-based agency of budding creatives passionate about branding, design, digital, marketing, and packaging. Contact us if you need help with your brand journey, and we can create a tasty-looking campaign.