CuCo Creative loves pushing the boundaries and experimenting with shiny new design trends that come to the marketing world. With a New Year under way, along with it comes new design ideas for branding, packaging design, website design and digital marketing, and this gets our team of creatives super excited! As an award-winning creative marketing agency, we feel it is only right to share the latest trends, showcasing what inspires us for 2024. 


Sustainability is not just a buzzword; we’ll see brands shout about it a lot more this year in their designs. The brand will be embracing eco-friendly packaging design practises far more by digging deeper into credentials like FSC, integrating recycled materials, reducing waste and opting for biodegradable packaging designs. From logos proudly displaying green symbols to an increase in printed labels on packaging design, these will boast the brand’s sustainability to consumers. 

Smart Packaging Design:

The integration of technology into packaging design is reshaping consumer experiences. Smart packaging designs equipped with QR codes, RFID tags, and augmented reality elements enhance product engagement. Logos may incorporate interactive elements that come to life through mobile apps, bridging the physical and digital realms. So, whilst smart packaging can help with tracking and authentication, it can also help bring the products to life.

AI Design:

The rise of artificial intelligence certainly left its stamp in 2023, and it won’t be disappearing any time soon amongst the creative agency sector. AI algorithms are being employed to generate quick, unique design elements for ease. The ability of AI to create custom graphics can open up a new realm of personalisation in design through analysing consumer preferences. Brand identity designs, animations, packaging design, and even website design will benefit from AI-driven customisation to allow creative designs to resonate with diverse audiences. 

3D Realism:

Enter the era of 3D Realism, where designs are brought to life with depth, texture, and lifelike details. Logo designs may feature animated components, and packaging designs showcase products in virtual environments, offering a more immersive and tangible experience for consumers. This 3D mockup trend injects a sense of Realism and sophistication into the visual language of brands. 

Personalisation and Customisation:

In 2024, consumers continue to crave more than just products as they seek personalised experience, whether that be through the unboxing experience or just from brand language. Brands will use AI and digital printing technologies to create customised creative marketing material on a mass scale. From personalised graphics and messages to the option for customisation, this trend caters for the desire for individuality, making each product feel like a one-of-a-kind treasure.  


2024 is definitely moving even more towards minimalistic and functional designs. The minimalistic designs are key to featuring more curves, geometric shapes, and gradients as they continue to make their mark in the design world this year. Across the world, most of these design elements will undoubtedly feature the Pantone colour of the year – Peach Fuzz. So CuCo imagines plenty of the emerging brands in 2024 will feature this popular pastel, light colour scheme. Toning each of these elements down to simplicity means that this trend will communicate a sense of sophistication, allowing their messages to shine through without unnecessary distractions in packaging design, marketing materials, and logo designs

Don’t be fooled; while this is just the start of trends carrying through into 2024, there will be plenty that arrive throughout the year. CuCo Creative are keen to continue adapting to these trends and looks forward to the bright and innovative future ahead in the design world! From packaging design, brand design, digital design, and everything else creative, CuCo will be happy to jump onto any new design trend to help you elevate your brand. Don’t hesitate to get in contact!