This is why, here at CuCo, our digital experts invest a lot of time into thinking about the perfect user journey for your website. 

Visual design is how a product looks, whereas UX design is, essentially, how it feels. UX can go as far as encompassing all aspects of how the user will interact with a company, from its customer service right through to the quality of its products. Here we are talking about how the user interacts with a website so we need to understand the goals and context-of-use of potential users of that site.

So the process of creating a good UX design often involves a lot of user research, user testing (when it’s an existing product), complex wireframes and complicated drawings of user journeys, which can make it quite difficult for the client to imagine how the finished site would actually look and feel like. 

This is why our amazing digital experts have developed a simple process that shows our client exactly what their site could look like and enable them to test the site in terms of its user experience before it’s actually been built! Think of it as a “Try it before you buy it” approach.

Using Adobe XD to visualise and improve the user experience

Using Adobe XD, we’re able to create dynamic, interactive prototypes of designs that would otherwise be done statically. It can simulate the flow of a site and even give it movement, which we can then share with our clients for testing the design. 

Our clients are able to view the draft site just like a viewer would on a live website. They can scroll down, click on buttons and links and fully experience the site and the user journey. Sounds great, right?! 

Using XD to improve collaboration

But this has not only huge advantages for our clients and their end users, it’s also great for our digital team. Because XD allows the client to leave comments and replies right on the website design, we can get more accurate and informed feedback from our clients and make improvements and changes easily before the site is even built. 

By using Adobe XD, our team are able to create great websites with impactful user experiences that our clients, and their customers, will enjoy. The improved and efficient collaboration between our digital team and our clients means that we are able to reduce project timelines and ensure we are creating the highest quality websites for our clients, as our digital team is able to spend more time on creating amazing and impactful website designs with great experiences. 

Sounds good? Let’s build the perfect user experience for your site – together. Get in touch  with CuCo’s knowledgeable team!