rich-pins-on-pinterestUnder the outdated pre-text of Pinterest as an innocuous creative online outlet for yummy-mummies, the social curation website has sub rosa evolved into a formidable eCommerce powerhouse. Unsurprising when you consider that with over 2 million active users in the UK alone, the potential business opportunities of Pinterest are huge.

Research has shown that users tend to approach the site with an already active shopping mindset: they are basically online window shopping! In fact, did you know that as many as 29% of Pinterest users have purchased something after pinning or re-pinning it to one of their boards?

When users pin something, they are actively engaging with it, giving it the unwritten seal of approval, actively associating their ‘self’ with the product and associated lifestyle, and essentially sending out a social signal to their friends that ‘I like this and you should too.’

The bottom line is: if you’re not utilising Pinterest for your business right now, you are in danger of seriously missing out to your competitors!


One crowd who definitely didn’t overlook this shift is the Pinterest team themselves. In response to this demand, they made a huge effort to ramp up their services for businesses, making it even easier for businesses to convert pins into action… and hence Rich Pins were born!

What exactly are these mysterious Rich Pins?

Well, Rich Pins, quite simply, are pins which contain far more useful information than normal pins. More specifically rich pins fall into one of 6 sub-categories: apps, films, recipes, articles, products and places. Instead of just including a picture and a description, rich pins expand on the key pin information, which leads to more engaged impressions (and easier sales!)

So how exactly can they work for me and my business?

OK, let’s start with an example of 1 of the sub-categories, product rich pins. Simply pinning photographs and descriptions of your products is likely to leave likely buyers frustrated. Without clearly signposted purchase information they are forced to scour through the internet desperately trying to find out where they can purchase your product and ultimately, they are likely to give up. At best, you lose a sale and at worst, a would-be loyal customer and advocate of your brand buys from one of your competitors instead!

Product rich pins on the other hand can include real-time price and stock availability, a link to the website and even an automated email sent to the Pinner when there is a price-drop! When Pinners are using Pinterest already in a shopping mindset, if your content contains real-time, practical information which can easily facilitate transactions and interactions, you are far more likely to convert impressions into purchases.

rich pins

What about other types of Rich Pins?

Alternatively, film rich pins include information like reviews, ratings and details of the cast and crew, whilst recipe rich pins can be made to include ingredients, cooking times and serving information. Article rich pins include a short story description, the author’s name and the headline and place pins feature a map, address and phone number.

The relatively new App rich pin even includes an “install now” button allowing users to install the app straight away and at the touch of a button, without ever having to leave Pinterest.

In summary, whether you started using Pinterest in a bid to drive traffic to your online store or to promote your new recipe book or even to convince people to download your App, Rich Pins are a hugely easy way to boost the untapped marketing power of your Pinterest.

Head on over to Pinterest and follow the step-by-step instructions to start setting up rich pins right now!

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