#1 Have clear objectives
Before you start planning your direct mail campaign, make sure you have clear objectives of what you want it to achieve – are you sending information to new prospects? Or maybe offering a new product/service to existing customers etc.

#2 Always include a letter
This might be an obvious point but if you send out a direct mail pack without a letter it is more likely to be seen as junk mail and look less targeted – unless you are sending out a self-mailer.

#3 Use incentives
If used wisely, incentives can really work within a direct mail campaign. Just make sure you are offering something which you can afford and don’t cheapen your produce/service with too many incentives.

#4 Make the copy personal
Remember when writing your copy that you are writing to another person  – make it sound personal to the recipient.

#5 Spell out the benefits
Rather than just talking about your company and your products/services, let the reader know how it can benefit them – why should they contact you, buy your product, find out more.

#6 Have a clear CTA
Whether you want someone to visit your website, call you or fill in a form to register their interest, make it clear what you want them to do and how they go about doing it. Don’t be afraid to mention the CTA a few times.

#7 Use short sentences and snappy headings which stand out
Most people don’t have time to read through lots of copy to find out what they need – so make your copy short and use clear headings which stand out and break the copy up.

#8 Use relevant pictures
If you are using images, make sure they are relevant to the copy and are of interest to the reader.

#9 Use a P.S.
Research has shown that people go straight to the bottom of a letter and read the P.S. – summarise the content in your P.S. and use a CTA within it.

#10 Use testimonials
Give your readers more reasons to buy your product/service by providing testimonials from previous and current customers.

#11 Calculate R.O.I
After going to all the trouble of producing a good DM pack, you want to find out if it’s been successful. Use a unique URL for the pack, a QR code or a source code so that you can calculate ROI after your campaign has hit.

#12 Learn from campaigns that don’t work and make changes to the next one
Try out different approaches – if one campaign doesn’t work, try something different for the next one.

#13 Be creative!
Differentiate your pack from your competitors and do something different with your direct mail piece – your pack is going to reflect your company/brand so make sure it sits with what people will see on your website.

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