This, of course, has also hugely impacted the arts and events industry. Each year, more and more tickets for the arts are sold through websites rather than in person. This, combined with tight budgets, pushes arts centres to drive more sales online. 

You need a good website and the right tools to sell tickets online. The booking experience needs to make potential visitors feel comfortable completing the transaction, but it should also encourage people to learn more about the performances and events you offer.

So how do you find the right solution for your organisation? This is where CuCo steps in!

Our skilled web design team are here to guide you from start to finish… and beyond! Our agency has great experience in the arts centre sector, working on brands such as Pavilion Dance South West (PDSW), Bridport Arts Centre and the Regent Centre. CuCo’s digital experts know exactly which tools to use to get bums on seats and drive greater brand awareness – that’s a win-win!

How do we achieve such success? By utilising our preferred management and booking system, which we firmly believe is the best fit for the arts industry: Spektrix!

What exactly is Spektrix? 

Spektrix is the market leader in back-office and digital tracking systems for arts organisations, transforming how arts centres and festivals sell tickets and manage their audience relationships.

The CMS is a cloud-based, all-in-one ticketing platform, and the benefits are vast. Spektrix helps with marketing, managing box office sales and transactions, marketing events, managing relationships with clients, scheduling activities, and tracking opportunities.

Obviously, making online ticket purchases is a key requirement. However, the ability to help manage donations with great ease is an essential tool for any art centre that operates as charities is equally as important, and Spektrix is perfect for this.

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why your arts organisation should use Spektrix:

1. Its super user-friendy

Spektrix is built with usability in mind. The user-friendly and intuitive booking platform is a quick and easy-to-use tool to grow your organisation’s audiences and increase revenue.

2. All the data in one place – wherever you are! 

Spektrix has a CRM tool that holds the company data all in one place – including who has signed up to the mailing list, names of ticket bookers, members, stakeholder prospects designed and donors. This allows your organisation to have all the information at your fingertips. Plus, as Spektrix is a cloud-based solution, you can access this information wherever you are – all you need is an internet connection 😉 

3. Improved time management 

The clever people at Spektrix have also integrated a project management tool within the system, which can improve the time management and workflow within your organisation by assigning projects and tasks to people. The time spent on those projects can easily be logged and tracked using the system. Amazing, right? 

4. Easy to integrate 

The booking system can easily be integrated into your website, so you can still have a beautifully designed, bespoke website when using Spektrix –  just like the one CuCo built for Pavilion Dance South West! Spektrix only kicks in once a customer clicks ‘book tickets’ on the website and you don’t see the system anywhere on the site until this point or even realise that you are using Spektrix! 

5. It keeps your customers with you! 

Having the booking system embedded into your site also means that customers go through the whole buying process on your site rather than getting redirected to an external website. This is great for you, as you won’t lose traffic to an external site, but it also hugely improves the user experience, as people often feel uneasy about adding their payment details on an external site. 

Are you interested in talking to us about Spektrix? CuCo experienced digital design team is here to help! Get in touch today!