Don’t get us wrong. Designers are pretty darn important. Without their creative talents and expert eye for finding whitespace, we wouldn’t be able to create the strong brands, beautiful websites or memorable ad campaigns that burst out of the CuCo studio on a daily basis. But what about the words used across all of these communications?

In today’s world of immediacy and visual information, great copy is often overlooked, or worse, treated as a necessary evil, but the truth is, compelling copy written by a first-rate copywriter is more important than ever. If it was quick and easy to write gripping copy, every business would be doing it.

“Targeted, strategic copy is no longer a ‘side project’ for your marketing team.”

For those who don’t fully understand what copywriting is, copywriting is both an art, a science and one of the most essential elements of effective marketing. It is the seemingly magical use of written or spoken words that help a potential sales lead to understand your unique selling points, persuade them to trust your brand, and ultimately, to purchase your product or service. Regardless of the desired outcome, the selection and the order of particular words and sentences can either successfully capture the target audience and lead them to to undertake a desired action, or not.

If we told you there was one easy change you could make to the way you write your copy that would bring your brand voice to life, engage your readers, and ultimately increase the chance they will convert, would you listen?

Check out the graphic below. You can thank us later.